Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ay Little Big Mama :)

I love you. You are the only mama that I want. Temporally and eternally.

How is my best friend this week? Well I hope. I am fine :) This week has been a test of my patience, no doubt about it. But I know that all of these trials I'm going through are good for me. They are making me stronger, I can feel it. I am amazed however that I can feel this change because I feel that more than ever Heavenly Father is helping me to recognize my longer than long list of weaknesses. But while I feel worn down and beat up, I feel so many new strengths being created within me; it's amazing. It makes me think about that scripture that talks about the Lord giving us weaknesses so that we can be humble. I KNOW that this is true. HAHA, boy do I know that this is Gospel truth! He is humbling me big time! And it hurts so good. I feel like turning myself over to His care was the best choice I've ever made. That He is a much better builder than I am. He is ripping out my old carpet, knocking down my unneeded walls and basically changing me from a shack to a mansion; It's absolutely amazing.

But my procedure is on the 3rd, the day after your Birfday :) Speaking of which, please tell Grandmama happy late birthday. Can I get a list of all the April birthdays in your next e-mail, please? 
Also, thank Misty for the card that she sent me. A piece of advice that she gave really helped me out. Also I found my wallet!!!!!!!!!!!! I will tell you what happened next week, I only have 5 minutes left.

I will get that Bank of America card from the church this afternoon as well as the America First card :) 

Thanks for getting in touch with Sister Batt! I will be excited to show of the pictures of my colon :):):)::

But alrighty, Gotta go! We're off to Wal-mart and then hopefully we will have time for a quick nap. In your prayers this week will you please ask Heavenly Father to help my companion...she is REALLY having a tough time. Will you also pray for me to not be so sleepy. To have more patience with my companion and the ability to enjoy my time with her...right now, that's kind of tough. But I believe in the power of prayer :)

I love you more than cereal. And you know that's a lot. ;)

Keep in touch and please tell Jack that I haven't forgotten him!!

Love Sister Swayne

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