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Subject: Re: Hello there SISTER

I HAVE BEEN WAITING ALL WEEK TO READ THIS!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh! I'm so so so so excited for Kenzie!! I almost stuck my head on the computer desk because I was so overwhelmed and happy but then I realized that I'm at a public library and putting my head on the desk would be detrimental to my health. All those germ-ies. NO ME GUSTA! (ask Kenzie what that means ;) But I know Kenzie is busy but will you ask her to write me when she gets a second? I need the missionary to be perspective on this call of hers :) I'm just so excited for her!!!! I would say that "I'm tickled pink" like everybody in Kirtland says haha but I feel like I'm not old enough to say that yet. But please let her know that I'm thinking about her and that I have sooo much confidence in her missionary abilities. especially that mission! She will be amazing! And she's going to love Missouri and the people. Also she will get to go "outbound" meaning she will get to serve in any mission of her choice in the states for two transfers, since she is a visitors center sister :) Maybe she can come to New Mexico ;) or even Philly to see Ivy Ann :) 

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Hi Sister Swayne

Just a note to tell you I love you and think about you all the time. I have your beautiful picture on my fridge and I say hello to it all the time.  Yes, Mckenzie got her mission call...Guess where!!??
Nope, not there she has been called to the Independence Visitor Center in Missouri. Wow I was a little shocked because I wanted her to go foreign...but the Lords has a better idea for her. She reports to the MTC May 8th.. 65 days and counting. She gets out of school on the 24th and her farewell is the time will FLY!! Sooo excited for her..

How is things for you. Always thinking about you and wondering what you have been doing. On Saturday Grandma, Grandpa. Penny and I went to a fun class. It was called Happiness 101. This speaker was a motivator speaker and we all learned a whole lot. He was funny and man he hit it on the head on some of the things he talked about. Learned that the choices we make is what makes us happy or not :) SO MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!

Well, LOVE YOU sooooooo MUCH MS Jade...Thanks for the shout out last time and remember Jesus wants you for a "SUNBEAM" to SHINE for HIM each DAY!!

Love Patti with an I

PS LOVED LOVED your letter you sent to Grandma about your hands...priceless

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