Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012,

From: Jade Swayne <>
Subject: Re: Christmas just around the corner!
To: "Penny Paxman" <>
Date: Monday, December 17, 2012, 12:41 PM

Please do not send anything to the DeeAnn adress. As of Tueday I wont live there anymore :) send all letters and other shinanagins to the Mission Office address. Thanks!

On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 12:29 PM, Jade Swayne <> wrote:
Hey Ma :):)
Sooooo, I have some news fur ya! I am being transferred to Kirtland, New Mexico this Tuesday aka tomorrow! My new companions name is Sister Real and we will be over 3 different wards in that area. Sister Stewart tells me that Kirtland is one of the most profitable areas in our mission. There is a lot of work and a lot of baptisms that go down over there! So I am super duper excited to head out there! The transfer bus will come to pick me up at our church building tomorrow at 4 :D
With this news, yesterday was my last day at Gallup 2nd ward. It was really strange to think that it was my last Sunday....that ward, Sister Stewart and all the people that we interact with in Gallup are the only people that this lil Sister (me) has ever known in my short missionary life. It was starting to feel like Gallup was going to be where I served my whole mission because I didn't know any different. But I am very very verrrrrry super excited to go there!!!! I told my companion that I wasn't going to tell Kylie my new address because I was scared that she would come and track me down lol seeing as Kirtland is right next to Farmington! hahaha I know she has been planning a "sneak attack" for awhile now ;)
But anywho! All the news about the missionaries gave me chills....I! I hope Satan has got his Nikes on because the increasing missionary force is really gunna have him on zee run! Naw whata mean? And my mind is exploding over here just thinking about the girls that my mom taught in Primary are now old enough to go on missions...I bet you are so proud, huh mama? I am so happy for them. They are truly in for the adventure of a lifetime. And my dear sweet Indie. How is she feeling after getting her teeth yanked? I hope somebody recorded her after the surgery!!!!? Please tell me that somebody did...Just so you know Kenz, what you're doing is the best decision you could be making right now. Satan is gunna try to stop you and all of you friends that are trying to go. But if you stick close to your good friends, family and most importantly the Lord, you will make it :) You will be the worlds greatest missionary...I can see it now!
Side note: I will get back to you on our Skype date. I knew how it would all work out here in Gallup. But now that I'm being transferred I'm not sure who's house we will Skype at. But I will let you know when I talk to Sister Real about it.
In other news: We have committed two more people to be baptized on January 8th 2013. Yay!! It would have been great be here in Gallup for Preston and Natalia's baptism, but I know that the Lord has work for me to do else where. But a little background on these two. Well firstly, they are both soo ready to walk into the waters of baptism...they just radiate this desire for righteousness. It's amazing. They really want to be good with God and feel of the happiness that the Gospel brings. Preston is Natalia's father. He was being taught by the misisonaries about 3 years ago. He and Natalia ( who was 10 at the time) wanted to be baptized but was not able to be because he was not living the Law of Chasity. He was living with his baby's mama without being married. But he was determined to tie the knot with his women so that they could be baptized. But in the end she didn't want to work things they spilt up. Preston stopped taking the discussions after the break up because he was going through such a hard time. But now 3 years later he is back in the game. He has been coming back to church and asked us to come over to have a lesson with him and his two daughters, Natalia ( who is now 13) and Kira (who is 7). We went over there the other day and BOOM! committed him and his oldest daughter to baptism :) It was such a special day.
Another person that we teach named Derick Smith is not having the best of luck. He is a less-active member and has not been to church in years. He is a helpless alcoholic who has gotten resorted to drinking hand sanitizer and other cleaning products in order to get his fix. He lives with his parents, Norma and Phillip. And the other day I guess they found about 3 Costco sized bottles of Vodka under his bed and he recently lost his job because he was going to work drunk. I can't help but feel for this poor man....He truly has a heart of gold. But he just can't seem to kick the habit :( We have a missionary couple here in Gallup that specialize in addiction and family relations, we took them to a lesson with us. Derick wasn't there...but we were able to talk to his family about all that was going on. They are so devastated to see their son going through this. And while we were visiting with them we found out that Derick's sister, Kayla, has also been battling a weed and booze addiction. They are all so wonderful...The Hayne's, the Senior couple that I was talking about, can help them through the church addiction recovery program. The sad part is that Derick keeps neglecting to call the Haney's to schedule an appointment. Sometimes I wish I could just twist their arms and force them to get help or to accept the Gospel....but there is nothing we can do. They have to want to help themselves first...I love this family and just want to see them get the help that they need :( This area makes me dislike Satan so much more than I ever did before. He is so....ugh...
Buuuuut on a brighter note. I received that wonderful little package of Christmas notes from my dear familia. They really made me laugh, giggle, smile, and they just made me all around happy! Especially Jeff' I wish you could have seen my companions face when I showed it to her. She just gets all big eyed and asks "Is he a member of the church?" hahaha! All of them were perfect. As soon as I get to Kirtland, I'm going to tape them up by my bed. I might have to edit Jeff's a little though ;) hehehe.
If you think time is going by too fast please raise your hand!..(Hand figuratively raised) It's hard to believe that once February comes around I will have only 1 year left on my mission...
But until next time...This is Sister Swayne reporting from the Farmington New Mexico Mission. The land of enchantment. Over and out!! This is KD7ASD over! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11, 2012

From: Jade Swayne <>
Subject: Re: Snowflake Temple!!!!
To: "Penny Paxman" <>
Date: Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 6:01 PM

The temple was beyond amazing. Did I ever tell you that I went there once with a young womens group when I lived in Arizona? I never would have guessed that 5 years later I would be at that same temple as a missionary. And to answer Cookie and Clay's question: Yes, the temple workers volunteered to come in on their day off to allow us to do a session. They had so many people volunteer that they had to turn people away. I really had no idea how much people loved missionaries until I became one.
Anytime a family feeds us they are basically thanking us for being there in their home....One family said that it is a blessing to have us at their home because they want their kids to see real missionaries. Haha how cute, huh? And then we were at the bank getting cash out of our missionary accounts and a lady named Matilda hands us 10 bucks and tells us to buy ourselves some lunch. Then about 2 days later we were out at dinner, using a gift certificate that the owner of the place gave us, and this women just pops up out of nowhere and says "thank you for what you do. Take this to pay for your dinner". She just tosses 20 bucks on the table and runs off before we can give her a proper thank you. And then while we were here emailing at the college one of the families in our ward shows up and gives us money for dinner! I does one even begin to explain their gratitude?...I don't have the words.
I know it's Heavenly Father working through His servants.. And I just feel so blessed to be His representative. I just think back to Alma chapter 5 where Alma the younger speaks about " redeeming love" and how we can "sing" praise to our Heavenly Father by the way we live our lives. Well...after these past few months I can't help but say confidently, that I want to sing my praises to Him for the rest of my life...I love Him. I love Him because He has blessed me with you...all of you. And for this missionary experience of a lifetime.
Please, anybody who reads this blog...consider serving. Because it really is the greatest transformer ever. I am so grateful to be a missionary. I'm so grateful to have 15 more months of this. And I'm grateful to be a Swayne/Paxman...Because really, all of you have been my driving force.
I will write more about what is happening in the area next week. I am a little pressed for time right now. But keep in touch and keep saying your prayers. I knew the Master hears us. I believe that with all of my heart and soul. Love Sister Swayne
Fiddle faddle :) Harriett knows what this means

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

From: Jade Swayne <>
Subject: Re: December....can you believe it??
To: "Penny Paxman" <>
Date: Monday, December 3, 2012, 1:06 PM

Hey Mommy!
Today more than ever I am so so sooo happy to find your e-mail in my box. Every Monday I feel happy to get over here to read your love notes but this week I feel especially happy! I walk around all day with this love in my heart...this love that I know is from all the love that I have been marinating in all my life. You, the family, the ward, and all the people that I've meet through out life have done such a good job of injecting me full of sustainable love...because I just feel it all the time. Thank you all for everything...every little thing that you have done for me warms my heart every time I think about you.
This mission has worked wonders on my heart. I feel this deep intense chunk of love within my heart and feel more and more that my soul is enlarging each day I am here. This was especially true the day that I received my Christmas I am literally in tears as I write this because I am so very very grateful for all of you...thank you does not even begin to cover what I feel right now towards all of you. Your support means the world, the moon and the entire solar system, to me. Thank you Kylie for delivering those boxes...I love them even more now that I know that so many people have touched it! 

Also, we have a baptism this Thursday!!! :):) The first one ever for this lil missionary! woooohooo! His name is Reginald Carr. He is Denai or Navajo. 26 years old. and pure as pure can be...He is kind of slow mentally and we have been teaching him since I arrived in Gallup. When I first arrived he was not progressing too terribly much. He would forget a lot of what he was taught and we were not even sure if he needed to be baptized due to his mental capacities. BUT through much prayer and deliberation to teach more simplified lessons we have him committed to baptism :) We are now praying that he will just remember to come to his baptism! haha he is very forgetful. But we love him. He has been one of our MOST committed investigators.
We also have a temple trip this next Monday :D We will be going to the Snowflake temple! And since this is happening on a Monday we will not be able to email until Tuesday. So just a heads up. I don't want you to worry and think that something is wrong if I don't write you on the usual day.
And thank you Misty for e-mailing me about Mitch's game! Again, I was over here in a public library crying in front of the computer screen. Just thinking about my studly cousin beastin out there on the court gave me such a rush. I love that boy...He may not know this but he truly is one of my best friends...Him and Jacob both. We were raised together and now I can't ever imagine life without our memories. I also could never have imagined how much I love them...This mission really has been the greatest. It has helped me to realize all of this love that I didn't even know was inside of me.
But ok! This past Friday Sister Stewart and I got to work a booth at the Gallup Balloon Rally!!!! So cool right? I wish I had pictures to show..but it was not until after we left that the balloons took full flight, BUT we all need to come back to this balloon fest together when we reunite. ok?!!
Lastly, mom....seriously. How did you know that I have been buying that brand of oatmeal for the past 3 months? I eat it every morning at breakfast!! And how did you know that Sister Stewart loves Kashi Granola bars?!! It's kinda spooky to see your amazing gift giving skills in action. Because you really do know exactly what I need ALWAYS!! haha how do you do this? Has Kylie been spying on us and reporting back to you?! haha that or you really are just the most in tune mom on the planet!
Whatever it is...I really appreciate it. I love all of you so much! And think about you everyday. Wondering and hoping that you're well. But at the same time I know that Heavenly Father is taking care of you :) This brings me comfort.
Ohh and one last thing. Anybody who wants to write me can use the e-mail. BUT if you do, you need to include your home address so that I can write you back snail mail style. Please and thank you.
Love Sister Swayne, cuz she sure does love you.
P.s you can give my blog address to whoever you want, mama :):)
Can you post some pic of your primary class?! please please please !