Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

He-lu, Mom.
Well before I get to far into this, I'm going to answer those questions
1. Yes, we do get the Ensign. BUT it would be nice to have a double seeing as I have this person in one of our wards that I want to send no name mail to with nice articles in the mail. I would rather have my own copy rather than cutting up the copy that my companion and I share...that wouldn't be very nice.
2. Haha...well, I workout in the Foutz's garage. I either ride the bike or run in a circle about the size of your bedroom...actually, a sewing room sized circle. Then I lift weights and do pullups on the bar that's connected to the weight bench. It's pretty awesome! Dad said that he was sending me some workout equipment to spice things up a bit.
3. We have been loving that Native American CD that you sent. We have probably listened to it about 10 times now. So some new CD's would be nice. We really like the one you sent. It gets us in the Native Spirit ;)
4. We eat at members homes almost ever night. Last night we went to Whitney and Cheryl James's home. They are so AMAZING!!! We had Salmon, fresh pineapple, winter squash!, and Salad with Avocado in it...pure heaven. And YES I like Salmon.
5. And about the bread...I would eat it if it didn't kill my tummy :( She can send my loaf over to Gil English if she wants ;) haha Love that guy.
Ok, well, that was fun. Send some more of those questions anytime! I know I'm not the best at answering your questions when they're not in bullet format and I want to be able to keep you in the loop.
About the lappy top. I think it's just the fact that my laptop is an 09 Mac. and the old Macs don't respond to the new Mac chargers. So try finding an 09 charger at that Mac store if you go...I think that should solve the problem. Thank you for putting so much effort into getting that charged up for me. Much appreciated.
Bah!! Mom...this Gold's Gym's probably driving you nuts!!! I'm so sorry that I wasn't better at asking questions and figuring out what the contract really said...but again! thank you for helping me out.
And I'm over here just shaking my head thinking "What in the world?!" when you tell me about all these ladies hurting themselves on ice and roller skates and all these other contraptions! Tell them to PLEASE be careful, goodness!
Kenzie sent me a really nice email telling me about her temple date and such. I am so so super excited for that girl! She is going to be fantastic.
Hope I write enough...I never know what to much happens in a week. I could write for 3 hours and still have more to write.
OH! also. we are no longer over 3rd ward...we will be over only 1st and 2nd now. I cried at our last 3rd ward council meeting. I love those people so much. And then they asked us to bare our testimony since it was our last sacrament meeting yesterday. Do you think that I could keep the tears back...? I'll let you answer that question yourself...haha. wow...Missionary work has turned me into a ball bag. I fall in love with these people so easily and just spend all day thinking about them...then when you have to leave them. it's just really tough.
But until next time, This is Sister Swayne, over-ing and out-ing :)

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