Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Monday, April 16, 2013

Hey Mom!

Sorry I wasn't able to write last week. Our missionary rule is that we must sit by our companions while using the computer. I wasn't able to get one next to my companion so I didn't get a chance to write.
Also!!! I hope you know that I only forgot it was your Birthday after I got off the computer!!!! I was so.."AHHH-ed" Because I had been talking about it all week! Before using the computer! and after using the computer!!! But not during....I was pretty upset with myself. Please know that I forgot only while I was on the computer talking to you. I promise.

And as for the doctors. They found out that my stomach lining is inflamed :( I have been put a medication that has already started working :) I feel a lot better physically but mentally I am still having some troubles. Whatever has been happening has caused me to struggle memory wise and I randomly get a really hot forehead and feel super confused. It's weird...But I do feel better than I did last week.

In other news. I have two companions now! Yep! Sister Anderson from Oakdale, California has joined the Kirtland sisters and boy...has it been interesting. 3 girls all together is pretty scary. Sister Anderson is one week away from going home. Her and Sister Heimbigner are soul mates it seems haha they really get each other. While I on the other hand have become the odd one out. Which I'm OK with...just one more week until transfers. I can survive.

I'm really sorry that my e-mails have been so lacking these fast few months. I just don't know what to write. I've never been very good at this life documentation thing. But I continue to try and know that I will get the hang of it. It's something that I want to start praying about.

One thing that has really been tough with these tummy problems is that it has made me more selfish than usual...this is a big problem! One of my favorite traits as a missionary is the fact that I thought so little of myself and so much about the people. But since I have been feeling so yucky I have been very self centered. I just hope and pray to be able to get my mind set on the right things again :(

And Mckenzie Vance....wow. She has gone through the temple. My heart is about to burst just thinking about the sweet spirit that she felt that day. Meeting the new endowed Kenzie will be such a privilege. And Kelly wants to go?!!!!? woooohoo!!! She should! that would be the best!! We need to get some of our boys on this missionary band wagon!

In the package you are sending can I please get some more hair stuff and grandma's mountain dew apple turnover recipe? 

But alrighty, mama. Again..I'm sorry I missed your birthday, that I haven't sent info for grandpa's 80th and that my e-mails have been so lazy. I'm just going through a tough time. But I will get back on top of things.
I hope you can forgive me. And remember..tough times are only opportunities for us to grow closer to our Savior. SO in that way I am very grateful for these trials 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

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Date: Monday, April 1, 2013, 12:14 PM


My first missionary Easter was good, thanks! We went to this thing called the "Sunrise Service". It's a big time Kirtland tradition. And after attending for the first time I can see why everybody loves being a part of it; it was wonderful! There was a big ole choir performance and a speaker from 1st ward. It was a whole stake thing so there were a bunch of people there. Then we had two sacrament meetings to attend. Lots of musical numbers. Then we were invited to dinner at a nice couple's home in 3rd ward. We had turkey, rolls, salad, potatoes and some cheese cakey thing with home grown raspberries and peaches plopped on top. It ALL looked so yummy but I just stuck with salad, turkey and plain fruit with out the cake just to be safe ;)

And about Wednesday. It has actually become the highlight of my week because I will be drugged...haha It will be nice to be able to shut my brain off during that time. I am also very excited to see if they can find out what's going on in there. And, no, I haven't mentioned being tired but I did mention that I feel weak; basically the same thing, right?

Wooohoo! Kenzie buying G's!!! That's the best! I love the thought of her having that Priesthood power in her life. I, myself, have become like grandma. I believe it was her that would comment on how strange it felt not to wear them at any given time. I feel the same now! It just doesn't feel right anytime I don't have them on, even if it is for a few minutes.

The time that I am training is 11 weeks rather than 6. And yes, that time is almost up. We have about 2 or 3 weeks left together. Can you believe it?!!! Regardless of feeling yucky, the time is still just flying by. I will hit 7 months here pretty soon.

GENERAL CONFERENCE? YES! I am very excited to hear what the prophets and apostles have to say. What do you think the theme of this round will be? I'm thinking "Christ like Attributes" :) Don't forget to write a few questions down and take them to conference! I can promise you from past experience that if you will watch with an open and teachable heart you will receive the answers to those questions. I promise! I will be watching at the Stake center. We will invite investigators and less-actives to attend :)

Oh! Also, will you please have Kylie go through the past e-mails that I've sent and edit them on the blog. Edit out any content that could identify a person that we are teaching. Our Mission President has asked us to keep that kind of information out of our emails. They could pose a legal threat to the security of our investigators. So the sooner you could do that the better. Thank you!

Ok, Nathan Welker has officially received a "top-ten coolest mission calls I've ever heard" award. That is so great!! There is a young man in 3rd ward that received a call to Jamaica! And another in 2nd ward who is going to Sweden :D Awesome, huh? I'd say so.

And yes, I received Patti's e-mail. I'll see what I can come up with :):) I can't make any promises though. It's tough to find time to think about other things let alone write it down.

That has been the biggest struggle lately. Trying to deal with these health problems and put my whole heart into the work. Simply because I feel like my tummy issues have made my thoughts very selfish. Like, I think about my pains and what I'm going to do to get better rather than what I can do for our people. It is a REAL struggle because it hadn't been a problem for me to get out of my own head and get to work until these tummy problems got worse. Now I'm trying to push through it, but honestly I don't think that is what I should be doing...I should instead focus my energy on getting better so that I can be the best missionary possible. But resting in the mission field has proven to be much more difficult than I ever imagined. It's hard to lay down when your work is never done. In the end it's just my hard hardheadedness and pride that are getting in the way. I just need to chill out and rest or I will never be able to get back to the missionary level that I had been at before.

So, please, keep me in your prayers...I need them at this time. The adversary is trying to shake me up...I know it. But with your prayers and the Atonement always at work I know that this too shall pass.

Until next time, I love you!!

Thank you for the birthday list and the nice letter, Grandma and Grandpa :)

Annnnnd Thank you mom for the Easter box. Those Granola bars come in handy during the really busy days :)