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February 4, 201

From: Jade Swayne <jade.swayne@myldsmail.net>
Subject: Re: Happy Spring!
To: "Penny Paxman" <paxmanp@yahoo.com>
Date: Monday, February 4, 2013, 1:51 PM

Why Hellllllllloooo everybody :)

Hope this letter finds all of you happy and well. 2013 has been excellent thus far and I pray that it's the same for all of you.
Before I get into the details of Sister life I want to give a shout out to Patricia Vance and want to ask her if she'll go on a cafe rio date with me?..Yes, no, maybe so?

I received the most wonderful letter this past week from my BYU room mate, KT. I can't even begin to express how much that letter means to me. I think I have it...yep! I have it
right here in my bag. I carry it everywhere with me just for those times that I need a little pick me up. This letter was just perfect...it made me laugh, it made me think and it made me happy...so thank you so much, Lil Miss Almond Milk. You seriously made my week so much better :) and you can expect a worth while letter here in the next few weeks.

Next item of business. I received a phone call from President Batt this past Saturday. And guess what? I have been called to train a new missionary!....haha I was so surprised! I mean, in my eyes I still feel too new to be a trainer, but I guess the Lord, as always, thinks I can do a little more than I think I can. So please, I'm going to need a lot of prayers. I don't want to ruin this missionary..

Also this week has been banana's! I have never been so upset with an investigator as I was this past week. I basically shaved her head and walked out the door. Shaved their head is a term Sister Stewart and I came up with. It means to kick them in the pants and tell them that they need to shape up or Satan is going to snatch them up! Basically it means to be bold in declaring the Gospel. And wow was I pumped full of adrenaline after that episode. I was all shaky, cold and could not control my sweaty-pit-reaction. I was just....I was just done that night. And the funny part is that the women thanked me for being so blunt and bold with her. But also said that she never wants to see me like that again. I didn't reply to much all I told her is that she needs to stop saying that "she'll try to come to church. she needs to come or not."  I was just not in the mood for her endless list of excuses...

It was a side of myself that I'd never seen before. But it felt good. It felt like I was doing exactly what I was sent on this mission to do. I will be nice until I see that somebody wants to waster not my time but the Lords time with their endless list of excuses as to why they cannot come to church and read at least one section of the Book of Mormon. It just kills me that downloading games on the Iphone take priority over a persons salvation....it is absolutely killing me to see the way technology, media and other junk keeps people from realizing truth.

But ok, I've got 20 seconds. talk to you next week

Love all of you more than words can say


On Sun, Feb 3, 2013 at 10:08 PM, Penny Paxman <paxmanp@yahoo.com> wrote:
Can you believe they are already pulling out the ground hog for Spring?
Any way... I had a truly amazing thing happen this weekend... all because of that stupid car you talked me into buying for $700.00...
Maxie was not running and Ralph, Jacks bro, worked on her for 2 weeks straight... in the cold... i put $400.00 into her ... she ran ok... but then quit.... Ralph told me there there was nothing else he could do...   I was sad ... Gordy said come get this "piece of *(*(*()* " out of here...
I called Pull Apart Auto and they offered me $350.00 for Maxie.... so I was making arrangements for them to come pick her up for parts....  
Well... Gordy decided to charge the battery in the meantime... and now.................
MAXIE IS RUNNING LIKE A CHAMP!!!    All of Ralph's hard work is showing..... just the battery .... Mitch just picked her back up so he can drive her to school.... 
So my point is .... just because someone is ugly on the outside and everyone else has given on them..... they have something inside that is not ready to give up.... Maxie is from 1992 and has 215,0000 + miles but she is not ready to go to the junk yard! 
So while you are out teaching this week... of all things... remember Maxie... she is not willing to give up!  and you should not either!  Everyone has something valuable inside! 
Last Tuesday, Grandma fell in the parking lot at the temple and broke her arm... and get this... they went to get a hamburger first and then went to the emergency room!   She has an apt tomorrow with a surgeon as they think surgery is needed... Grandpa has been getting her dressed... except for the bra... funny!! 
Mom !!!

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