Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

From: Jade Swayne <>
Subject: Re: December....can you believe it??
To: "Penny Paxman" <>
Date: Monday, December 3, 2012, 1:06 PM

Hey Mommy!
Today more than ever I am so so sooo happy to find your e-mail in my box. Every Monday I feel happy to get over here to read your love notes but this week I feel especially happy! I walk around all day with this love in my heart...this love that I know is from all the love that I have been marinating in all my life. You, the family, the ward, and all the people that I've meet through out life have done such a good job of injecting me full of sustainable love...because I just feel it all the time. Thank you all for everything...every little thing that you have done for me warms my heart every time I think about you.
This mission has worked wonders on my heart. I feel this deep intense chunk of love within my heart and feel more and more that my soul is enlarging each day I am here. This was especially true the day that I received my Christmas I am literally in tears as I write this because I am so very very grateful for all of you...thank you does not even begin to cover what I feel right now towards all of you. Your support means the world, the moon and the entire solar system, to me. Thank you Kylie for delivering those boxes...I love them even more now that I know that so many people have touched it! 

Also, we have a baptism this Thursday!!! :):) The first one ever for this lil missionary! woooohooo! His name is Reginald Carr. He is Denai or Navajo. 26 years old. and pure as pure can be...He is kind of slow mentally and we have been teaching him since I arrived in Gallup. When I first arrived he was not progressing too terribly much. He would forget a lot of what he was taught and we were not even sure if he needed to be baptized due to his mental capacities. BUT through much prayer and deliberation to teach more simplified lessons we have him committed to baptism :) We are now praying that he will just remember to come to his baptism! haha he is very forgetful. But we love him. He has been one of our MOST committed investigators.
We also have a temple trip this next Monday :D We will be going to the Snowflake temple! And since this is happening on a Monday we will not be able to email until Tuesday. So just a heads up. I don't want you to worry and think that something is wrong if I don't write you on the usual day.
And thank you Misty for e-mailing me about Mitch's game! Again, I was over here in a public library crying in front of the computer screen. Just thinking about my studly cousin beastin out there on the court gave me such a rush. I love that boy...He may not know this but he truly is one of my best friends...Him and Jacob both. We were raised together and now I can't ever imagine life without our memories. I also could never have imagined how much I love them...This mission really has been the greatest. It has helped me to realize all of this love that I didn't even know was inside of me.
But ok! This past Friday Sister Stewart and I got to work a booth at the Gallup Balloon Rally!!!! So cool right? I wish I had pictures to show..but it was not until after we left that the balloons took full flight, BUT we all need to come back to this balloon fest together when we reunite. ok?!!
Lastly, mom....seriously. How did you know that I have been buying that brand of oatmeal for the past 3 months? I eat it every morning at breakfast!! And how did you know that Sister Stewart loves Kashi Granola bars?!! It's kinda spooky to see your amazing gift giving skills in action. Because you really do know exactly what I need ALWAYS!! haha how do you do this? Has Kylie been spying on us and reporting back to you?! haha that or you really are just the most in tune mom on the planet!
Whatever it is...I really appreciate it. I love all of you so much! And think about you everyday. Wondering and hoping that you're well. But at the same time I know that Heavenly Father is taking care of you :) This brings me comfort.
Ohh and one last thing. Anybody who wants to write me can use the e-mail. BUT if you do, you need to include your home address so that I can write you back snail mail style. Please and thank you.
Love Sister Swayne, cuz she sure does love you.
P.s you can give my blog address to whoever you want, mama :):)
Can you post some pic of your primary class?! please please please !

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