Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Misty Eyre ecoolchic@hotmail.com
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What you said Jade makes me think of one of my many many motto's I say to myself through out the day... "What you think about, you bring about!" This reminds me that self pity, stress, anger, anxiety, etc is a choice. That I can choose to look for the joy in life and be happy.

In order to bring more joy to my life I am looking for more "TA-DA" moments like when I was young and I couldn't wait to get home to show my mom what I did that day or when my kids say to me, " Watch this mom...." I think that we don't do this enough (or at all) when we are adults. Maybe it sounds silly but I think we all can use more "TA-DA" moments in our lives! So I too challenge you to set a goal to bring more joy and silliness into your lives by looking for things that make you happy! 

Think everyday, what is the best thing that happened to me today? Please also ask those that you see every day, it literally changes their physiology. Give yourself and others permission to be joyful!

Everything in life is about feelings. EVERYTHING. How you feel about
yourself, family, friends, your purpose, etc.

The number one thing that people want in life is recognition and acknowledgement. Humans crave attention!
They want to FEEL SPECIAL. Make it a goal to make others feel special, including yourself!

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