Tuesday, October 30, 2012


MTC fun. We got a kick out of this! haha. I didn't put the tag there on purpose, and I was just looking in the mirro and saw how hilarious this looked. Hope you think it's as funny as we did that day. :)

Last temple day before entering the mission field. The one in the green sweater was my MTC comp. Sister Pielstick. She was NOT happy that day. haha

Our house.

Our apartment living room!

Our car. Her name is Nizonhi. That means beautiful in Navajo. 

A mural we found near the track one morning.

Sister Stewart and I outside of a historical restaurant in Gallup. It's called El Rancho. Sister Shephard, a sweetie in our ward took us to lunch there after a Navajo funeral.  

Outside of a home on the Rez. There was a dead sheep skull laying in front of the door and some random dog who was in desperate need of a boob job. She had just had puppies and was a tad bit saggy.

A sweet bus that gives rez tours! We saw it in the wal mart parking lot and I asked this lady if she would come in and take a picture with me. haha! Obviously she said "yes!"

This speaks for itself. haha. 

 A home on the rez. Everybody out here has like 12 cars! It's nuts! And lots of sheep, cats, and dogs everywhere. 

This is the home of Glassy Tree. A woman that we've been trying to track down.

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